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About Chinese Critical Care Medicine


     Chinese Critical Care Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal and the definitive journal for Chinese scientists, clinicians, and trainees in the field of critical care medicine. Chinese Critical Care Medicine is in charge of the National Health Commission and sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association. The international standard serial number (ISSN) for Chinese Critical Care Medicine is 2095-4352. It was first published in 1989 and published monthly on 28th of each month. It was published both at home and abroad.
Chinese Critical Care Medicine is a statistical source journal of database of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC), a top-quality academic journal and an authoritative Chinese Academic Journal of RCCSE. It has won the second National Journal Award, the second China Publishing Government Award (Journal Nomination Award), the National Top 100 Journals, the first prize of the first excellent medical and Health Journal Award of the Ministry of Health, and the first excellent journal of the National Health Commission. It has been rated as one hundred Chinese outstanding academic journals for 10 times, and has been rated as Tianjin First-class Journal and Tianjin Excellent Journal for 20 consecutive years.
According to the Citation Report of Chinese Sci-tech Journals, Chinese Critical Care Medicine has always ranked first in influencing factors and comprehensive evaluation of clinical medical journals. It is an authoritative academic journal that can comprehensively reflect the highest development level of critical care medicine in China.
Chinese Critical Care Medicine has been included by IM/MEDLINE, CA, EM, AJ, , UPD, JST, CSCI, CMCI, CMCC, etc.

Chinese Critical Care Medicine
ISSN 2095-4352
CN 12-1430/R

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Address: No. 122, Munan Road, Heping District, Tianjin (postcode: 300050)
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Journal Frequency and Access. Chinese Critical Care Medicine is published print and online monthly, and in 12 print/online issues a year. All research articles are made free access online immediately.
Editorial Information. The journal’s acceptance rate is about (补充退稿率数字). The median time to first decision is 5 days, and 60 days with review. The journal's Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) Impact Factor is 2.232, the highest ranking among critical care medicine journals in China. Additional information on the types of articles published and editorial policies is available in the journal's Instructions for Authors.
Editorial Team. The Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Critical Care Medicine is Academician Sheng Zhiyong (盛志勇), the honorary director of Burn Research Institute of PLA General Hospital. The Editor in Chief of Chinese Critical Care Medicine is Shen Zhongyang (沈中阳), Professor Shen is the president of Tianjin First Central Hospital. For a complete listing of the journal's Editors and Editorial Board, see Editors and Publishers.
Mission Statement. Chinese Critical Care Medicine is committed to publishing influential original research, opinions, and reviews that advance the critical care medicine and improve the clinical care of critically ill patients. Our original, innovative, and timely scientific and educational content provides a deeper understanding of critical care medicine and recent treatment advances for our readers. Chinese Critical Care Medicine aims to effectively convey the findings of important clinical research, major scientific breakthroughs, and actionable discoveries. Our goal is that successful communication of new knowledge will ultimately translate to clinical benefit for people living with and surviving illness.
Free access statement. Chinese Critical Care Medicine is fully free access journal, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.
Disclaimer. The ideas and opinions expressed inChinese Critical Care Medicine do not necessarily reflect those of the CMA or the Editors ofChinese Critical Care Medicine. Publication of an advertisement or other product mention in Chinese Critical Care Medicine should not be construed as an endorsement of the product or the manufacturer's claims. Readers are encouraged to contact the manufacturer with any questions about the features or limitations of the products mentioned. Chinese Critical Care Medicine does not assume any responsibility for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising from or related to any use of the material contained in this periodical. The reader is advised to check the appropriate medical literature and the product information currently provided by the manufacturer of each drug to be administered to verify the dosage, the method and duration of administration, or contraindications. It is the responsibility of the treating physician or other health care professional, relying on his or her independent experience and knowledge of the patient, to determine drug dosages and the best treatment for the patient.

Chinese Critical Care Medicine takes "paying attention to discipline development, serving discipline development, promoting discipline development and leading discipline development" as its tenet. It aims to serve the vast number of medical and health science and technology personnel, promote medical academic exchanges and development at home and abroad, comprehensively reflect the basic theory and clinical research achievements of critical care medicine in China, quickly transmit the frontier information of critical care medicine at home and abroad, and promote the advanced modern critical medicine technology, timely exchange of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, and vigorously popularize new knowledge of medical science and technology.
Chinese Critical Care Medicine adheres to the principle of combining theory with practice, improving and popularizing, and advocates letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. This journal implements peer review system.

Chinese Critical Care Medicine has columns of overview, expert forum, discipline construction, standards and guidelines, international exchange, original articles, clinical experience, invention and patent, case report, method introduction, evidence-based medicine, medical humanities, review, lecture, theoretical discussion, clinical case (pathology) discussion, scientific research news express, meeting summary, academic activity notice, readers, authors and editors, and the corresponding columns are set up according to the sub specialty of critical medicine.